studio involution

transdisciplinary design

Solutions-based design.  Historic precedents, future visions, big picture, big ideas, big hearts, and small steps… reconnecting in as many inclusionary ways as possible, wholeness as implicit order.*

art/science/architecture/consciousness/cosmology/theory/practice/shamanism/MOM/collaboration/common unity/hearth/circle


After interdisciplinary is transdisciplinary design.

whole brain / whole foods / whole child [inner] / whole cities  

whole health / whole wealth / whole education / whole beauty / whole communities 

studio involution design is guided towards wholeness and implicit order* as nature intended. From isolated fragments and parts, we RE-construct nature’s biophysical resonance, attuned to energies and forces hidden in plane sight, like Vastu’s ancient Indian wisdom of how its all connected as spirit, mind and body.

Associated with the German word, da sein, meaning being, studio involution design listens for client rituals, balancing vitality as life force -within, made manifest -without; fostering textures and tempos enriching, harmonies. Vastu became Feng Shui in China, intuiting spaces, aligning qi chi or prana, flow.

Architectural design and consulting practice for over twenty years in community, residential, commercial, and arts/cultural projects in New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Iowa City.

As our yogic and meditative bodies, realize wellness, our dwellings can mirror states of bliss, intimate with nature’s seasons and cycles, studio involution design forms places and spaces of sublime beauty, resonant with the highest frequencies.

Clients aspirations and memories are edified into daily lived life as stone, wood, metal, fire, earth, air, and ether. Fixtures, furnishings, rooms, dwellings, streets and communities mirroring Earth’s regenerative design, urging industries to awaken to our only choice. We collaborate with industry towards product design beyond sustainability.

Healing arts practice since 2012, offering clients transformative quantum healing through guided modalities, including Holy Fire Reiki 1/2, Theta 1, and Kolaimni 2. To schedule for wellness beyond belief, text 443.691.5971 – testimonials are forth coming.

Speaking engagements presenting transdisciplinary curriculum – Project Dancing Floor / Project dF bridges gaps between science and arts as a new STEAM/CORE initiative. Sound as kinesthetic movement or resonant frequency vibration is scaled through primordial sound; to archetypes; to phenomenon; to climate, weather; and local conditions. Dynamic meta-formations as meta-patterns uncover higher truths that are embodied links to heavenly bodies, from Anstroms to galaxies, like the Eames Power of Ten. studio involution design empowers children to RE-member and sustain dynamic creative tools as an integrated whole; whole child.  Flow between chaos/order with ease and joy.