Next year is the 30th anniversary of the UN Rights of the Child. The United States funds the UN and yet is amongst seven nations world-wide not to have ratified this document.  The reasons which are complex, according to Andrea Cohen, Director of the United Nations Iowa. 

Letting go of old power, beliefs, and behaviors, we are manifesting a paradigm shif. Old power is becoming obsolete and newly emerging experiences or work, shifts our networks towards co-creating communities of wholeness and implicit order.  Our promise comes from the crystal, rainbow, and indigo children as well as communities world wide as we think cosmically, feel globally, and act locally. 

Subtle energies, called chi, qi, and prana, invite us to remember flow/glow in wellness beyond belief – at the top of Maslov’s triangle of self-acutualization is a hinge to another triangle. Descending from fifth dimensional sun-like forces are systems of dynamic healing and unity consciousness.  Fifth-Dimensional oneness ushers in unlimited possibilities, in nature’s abundance.

VISION 2019 – Whole Foods / Whole Child / Whole Communities – REgenerative manifestations of how people feel and experience futures from a place of wellness after the healing. 

2-d of Fifth Dimensional figure